Deeper Dive Plank Training

28-Day Program to Fast-Track Your Plank Training Success.

Get What You Came For

Hear My Heart for the Deeper Dive Plank Training. We are in the second wave of applications, so please disregard the dates in this video.

👇 Here is what I’m proposing. 👇


I’ve had a ton of plankers of all levels request a deeper dive in their plank training, yet everyone’s needs are very different.

Some of you want to improve your form, others are working on consistency, some are looking to break through your plateau and hold longer poses, and others know they will progress quicker in a smaller group program.

So I had this crazy idea to build a 28 day program to guide you more personally to get what you came for.

No fluff. No messing around, just a simple, personalized plan to take you from where you are now in your specific plank journey, no matter your level, to your specific 28 day plank or fitness goal of choice.  Completely customized for you.

Yes, that is crazy for me to offer and a no-brainer for you.

✅ If you are interested in claiming one of the few spots available, fill in this brief survey to see if you qualify and I will be in touch with the details.

👇Here’s Exactly What You’ll Discover Inside The Deeper Dive Plank Training… 👇

✅  Detailed Intake Process To Personalize Your Plan

✅  1:1 Video Chat to Customize Your Plan So You Actually Stick With It And Get Results

✅  Videos to bust out a Powerful Training

✅  BONUS:  28 Days of Personalized Support To Know With Certainty You Are On the Right Track

This is a unique opportunity to work directly with me for an entire month to achieve Your goals.

Due to my schedule, I cannot promise if or when the next opportunity will be.  Note: We are in the second wave of applications, so the dates in the video can be disregarded.

This is honestly a ridiculous offer for me to give and a no-brainer opportunity for you.

So if this message is speaking to your heart, the next step is simple.

Take this simple survey to see if you qualify.

See you in the deep end.

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