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Frequently Asked Questions

“I’m new to planking and my _______ hurts.”  (pick a body part).

If you are new to planking, get used to paying attention to your body.  You are doing something new and your body will start talking.  Don’t’ be afraid of the conversation.  Embrace it.  Listen.  Be gentle on yourself, and enjoy the journey.  You are creating a potentially lifelong habit.


So many people want to push hard right out the gate.  This is typical – you are excited.  Beware of burnout from pushing too hard too fast.  Progressing too quickly can set you back over time.


Take the time to set a strong foundation.


Everyone has their own pain threshold.  If you are concerned about any discomfort, focus on shorter, high quality planks until the discomfort lessens.


Always listen to your body.



Quality counts when you plank and ab bracing is job one.  The rest of your body serves in the supporting role for your abs.  Other body parts will take over if you are not bracing your abs properly.  You will most likely go through a discomfort dance.  Again, don’t fear this phase.  Embrace it and learn from it.


💕 Your Future Self is Already Thanking You 💕


Keep paying attention to how your body changes during your plank journey, keep us updated by reporting in weekly and stay inspired!


Never underestimate the power of short, quality planks.


Plank on!

Make sure you are warmed up before performing your plank.

And of course, make sure you have medical clearance before beginning this or any new fitness endeavor.

“How can I increase my plank time?”

How To Increase Your Plank Time

There are many ways to increase your plank time depending on your overall goal and commitment level.  Here are some basic strategies to get you started on your journey of increasing your plank time.


Plank daily.

Plank more than once a day.

Focus on the quality of the plank, not the clock.

Plank in intervals.  (10 sec on, 10 sec off, 10 sec on, 10 sec off……).


By doing any of the above repeatedly you will find that you can hold a solid plank longer.  Test the length of your plank weekly or monthly, depending on your goal.


Commit for 30-90 days to see improvement.


Join the Plank Training Club daily plank challenge.

Pick a level:




Level 1 – One Plank/Day

Level 2 – 2 minutes/Day

Level 3 – 10 minutes/Day



Level 1 – “I held a plank pose every day this week.” (even 10 seconds counts)

Level 2 – “I accumulated at least 2 minutes of planking every day this week.”

Level 3 – “I accumulated at least 10 minutes of planking every day this week.”



Also many choose to do side planks, push-ups, and battle ropes to help strengthen their upper body which helps you hold the plank longer.

Various crunches, squats, leg lifts, and many other functional exercises help as well, since plank is a full body exercise.




Finally, don’t look at the clock but listen to music and get absorbed into your tunes.

Try some of these tips and you’ll be surprised how quickly you can lengthen your plank pose.

“How do I know that I’m bracing my abs properly?”

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