What Is The Plank Daily Challenge?


Choose one variation of the plank pose and perform it daily.

Do more when inspired.

👉 This challenge can be added to any current fitness program you already have in your life

Or use this challenge as your gateway into fitness and creating fitness as a habit.


To strengthen your core and all the magical benefits that come along with daily planking.

Two Categories

  • PLAN 1 (P1) = Forearm Planking Daily is NOT a habit… yet

  • PLAN 2 (P2) = Forearm Planking Daily IS a habit

In both categories, you are creating new habits and using new muscles as you challenge yourself into a place physically that you have not ventured into before.

Use the plan on the flier as a guide to map out your personal daily steps.

P1 = You are performing the Forearm Plank Pose daily

P2 = You are Continuing your daily forearm planking and ADDING a new plank variation of choice every day using the challenge.

We are all unique in our goals and abilities, so you may need extra guidance to personalize a plan for you that actually works into your unique scenario.

That is a completely different conversation.

Contact me if you want to have that conversation.


For those that want to progress faster, do a minimum of three sets.  Keep in mind, the amount of rest you put in between sets matters.  The more rest, the easier this will be on your body.  The less rest between makes it more challenging.

Throughout the month, I will be sharing various videos to set you up for success as you build this Plank Daily Habit.

Show up every day and there will be a new video to guide you safely along this new journey and encourage you to keep at it and honor your commitment to yourself.

Plank on!

What Is A Perfect Plank?

Not sure where to put your hands and hips?

Fix These Common Plank Mistakes with these step-by-step instructions

Enjoy!  Keep us updated on your progress.

Report here weekly and let us know how we can assist further.

Plank on!

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