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JUNE 26, 2019

VIRTUAL as a Unified Group in Zoom

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Join us live for the first ever collaboration between Holistic Health Science and The Plank Training Club. This is a 15 minute Plank Marathon to celebrate the roll out of HHS consumer financing partnership with Klarna.

This first ever event is focused on the power of the plank. Participants simply plank for as many minutes of the 15 minute marathon. Going in and out of the plank pose as often as needed.

This is a virtual event. No traffic. No commute. Simply dial in to the video conference and add your beautiful energy with ours.

The Plank Training Club is a group of like minded individuals who use the plank pose to better their lives day in and day out.

Holistic Health Science makes sensory therapeutics and promotes a health mind and body.

Klarna is a consumer financing option available at the HHS checkout.

These companies have come together for an unusual promotion and look forward to your participation.

Take 15 minutes with us on Wednesday 6/26. You can plank in the office and you bring all your friends, coworkers and family!

Join in the fun!

SAVE THE DATE and join us for this VIRTUAL Plank Marathon.

Consider this an amazing TEAM-BUILDING moment at work, with the family or friends, or for yourself.

Pause for One Moment on Wed 6/26 and take this plank challenge as a collective, unified group. Wherever you are at, with your co-workers, your family, your kids, your friends at the beach, WHEREVER you are and WHOMEVER you are with, jump on this zoom call and plank with collective energy from around the world.

Limited spots, so register today.


Participants simply go in and out of the plank pose as often as they wish for the duration of the 15 minute marathon.

Note: This is not a single hold for 15 minutes (unless you are motivated to do so).  It’s accumulated planking for all ages and abilities.  Modify as you need to get through the 15 minutes. Go at your own pace.

Keep track of your time.  The amount of time in the pose adds up within the 15 minute time-frame.

We will all be on camera to cheer each other on and borrow from one another’s enthusiasm and energy.

Your future self is already thanking you.

Consider taking a moment and join this unique experience.

The plank pose is a resting pose in yoga that can be modified to almost all ages and abilities. The plank is a phenomenal full body exercise and one of the most efficient and safe ways to train your core and challenge your mind.

Here is a video on how to hold a plank pose.

How to Hold a Plank

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